Saturday, August 09, 2008

Meeting Myles......

So, we finally got to meet sweet Myles... I even got to take some fun pictures of him like this one in a basket......more to come soon ;-)

and this little man goes back to school Monday....going to be a big 1st grader! We just found out who his teacher is and that one of his friends will be in his class again this year.
Last but not least....a scrapbook page I did of the kids at the water park
There's our little update...supper quick I know but gotta go to work
Have a great weekend!


Loving My Life said...

How was school? Hope it went well for him! I miss you all. Love the first pic of Myles and I love love the one of Dawson. Your page is great too I miss scraping!

Loving My Life said...

Ok post more of the pictures I can't wait to see them I got some of mine up I am so happy with them. Call me soon!