Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013: Around the house....

I can't believe Christmas is only two days away! My favorite time of the year! So before it comes and goes... I wanted to share our home for Christmas....

Our first hand picked and cut real tree.  It's not the perfect shape, but it sure does smell good! It fills the whole house with that wonderful pine smell. Love it!

I always want to change my color scheme every year, but I can't seem to give up the red. I just love how it looks around Christmas time. It would not feel right without it. So it stays the same...for now.
 I was given the silver goblets by my mother-in-law and wanted to put them to use.  I decided to use them as my center piece for our dinning room table. I really like how it turned out. I still want to add some glittering stars on them and branches, but at this point I will probably leave it as is.

 This is our little candy cane tree. Avery had fun decorating it. I wanted to put it in my galvanized tub, but it would not fit so I added some burlap and a bow instead.

Now that I have a hot chocolate station set up, we have not been able to keep enough of it in the house. I am on hot cocoa runs non stop!

Well there is  a peek into our house around Christmas time... including Pilot : )

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holidays!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree.....

We get a real tree every year. Normally we'll just run up to Lowe's and grab one, but this year I wanted the kids to experience something a little different. We decided to go find a tree farm and select and cut down our own tree. 

It may not be the "perfect" tree, but who say's a tree has to be perfect anyway. The memories we made and fun we had in being able to cut it down... that was perfect.

My boy thought he was big stuff getting to help cut tree down. He didn't want to put that saw down.

While we waited for our tree to be ready to take home we sipped on some complimentary hot cocoa and cider. They even had a little fire going to roast marshmallows.

Here is the link to where we got our tree if your interested TREELAND

Have a great week!! ~Amanda

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fall break with my two....

pumpkin farm
spooky trail
corn maze
that's some fall fun!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Beach Vacation....

We had a great time at the beach. It always goes by way too fast. We took our dog, pilot with us for the first time. He did great. I hate that we didn't get any good family pictures this time. As you can see it was a little too dark. We just did not want to leave the beach for anything.  I am already planning our next trip hopefully in the Spring. We are on our last day of Fall break here. Now time to get ready for some colder weather and Halloween.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another camping trip....

 we stayed at defeated creek campground in carthage, tn. it was only 1hr away. i love that we were right on the lake and had beautiful views. everyone there was very friendly.  we were right next to the playground which the kids really enjoyed. they also had a beach area for the kids to swim and make sandcastles. the trails would probably be better in the fall when some of the shrubs and brush is gone (and the snakes).  we didn't go too far because it was so overgrown. overall the trip was great and we will definitely go back. i love that this is something we do as a family to get away from the fast pace life of work and school.  i love that i can't use my phone when we are there. i love that we let the kids bring their ipod and ds and they didn't even use it. and i love that it is time spent together, not in separate rooms but all four of us together in one little camper ; )

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Fun 2013....


this was for my birthday. Eddie surprised with a canoeing day out on the lake. It was the best day!!!

Dawson played on his first travel team this summer. It was a good year. I love watching my boy play baseball.
both kids had several sleepovers this Summer. They get so excited when they have their friends over....

Sweet treats is a must for a good Summer ; )

 you can't end your Summer without seeing a drive-in movie either.... 

this was probably Avery's favorite night of the whole Summer... Kids Karaoke night. If you know my Avery, you know she LOVES to sing.

Well that is just a quick glimpse into what our Summer looked like. I am Sad to see it end so soon. I love having my kids home..... on fun days, lazy days, board days, any day.  I like knowing that they are safe, here with me.

Now it is time to mentally prepare myself and get ready for a new school year!

Verse: Proverbs 22:6