Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another camping trip....

 we stayed at defeated creek campground in carthage, tn. it was only 1hr away. i love that we were right on the lake and had beautiful views. everyone there was very friendly.  we were right next to the playground which the kids really enjoyed. they also had a beach area for the kids to swim and make sandcastles. the trails would probably be better in the fall when some of the shrubs and brush is gone (and the snakes).  we didn't go too far because it was so overgrown. overall the trip was great and we will definitely go back. i love that this is something we do as a family to get away from the fast pace life of work and school.  i love that i can't use my phone when we are there. i love that we let the kids bring their ipod and ds and they didn't even use it. and i love that it is time spent together, not in separate rooms but all four of us together in one little camper ; )

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Heather said...

Awww!! This is so cute! I love that they didn't use their electronics either! HA!

p.s. Has this turned into a camping blog?