Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{PW wannabe...}

Ok...most of you know who PW is and if you don't ....well....where have you been ; )  jk!

I know I have posted THIS recipe before BUT let's face it ; if your like me...you won't even look at a recipe if it doesn't have a picture.

So...in my attempt to get you to try this recipe, I have broke it down for you "PW" style  (hee!)

First of all... I love this dip SO much and make it all the time.
 I found it in bhg magazine a few years ago and tweaked the recipe just a bit.

Layered Greek dip.....

after you mix the cream cheese with Italian seasoning ...you layer the hummus dip on top

here's where added my own touch to it.
I add all the veggies and cheese in a bowl and toss them with
fresh lemon juice and
fyi: this makes a great salad topper too ; )
once you add the last layer of veggie mix...
you  can
dig in!
recipe: here
Let me know if you try it...I promise you'll love it!

link to more great recipes @ Tasty Tuesdays

Friday, June 25, 2010

{Friday Feature}

Avery's room...

Her initial above her bed I made out of canvas and cardboard letter from hobby lobby that I spray painted
I have always loved the tissue pom poms and thought I would give 'em a try for A's room.

They are SUPPER easy and CHEAP to make.

I think they are the perfect thing to fill up that space in the corner....great for parties, great for Avery's room ; )

  1. accordion rack-goodwill $3 used to hang all her purses, aprons, dress up clothes, ect..
  2. bird canvas-free given to me by my mom (which i think found at GW too)
  3. framed cork board- under $5..frame was free at yard sale and i bought the cork board at hobby lobby
  4. butterfly decals-found at marshals for under $10 

There's Avery's room...

Hope everyone has a Fabulous weekend!!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Under Construction.....

trying to change my header and it's not working out for me....ugggggh!

hopefully will have it up soon.

If anyone knows how to center your header....please let me know.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Water Fun}

what's a summer without water.....
and speaking of water.... on fathers day we had a fun filled day that was ALL about WATER....
the kids and i surprised eddie with a canoe ride down the river....

after that we had a picnic lunch at one of our favorite parks.

it was a great day for a great dad!

{you capture: water}

Tuesday Tag-Along

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{ You Capture: Fun }

Ok... it can't get any funner than this!

My kids are having a ball jumping, screeming, laughing.....

all the while capturing it on my camera