Monday, December 02, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree.....

We get a real tree every year. Normally we'll just run up to Lowe's and grab one, but this year I wanted the kids to experience something a little different. We decided to go find a tree farm and select and cut down our own tree. 

It may not be the "perfect" tree, but who say's a tree has to be perfect anyway. The memories we made and fun we had in being able to cut it down... that was perfect.

My boy thought he was big stuff getting to help cut tree down. He didn't want to put that saw down.

While we waited for our tree to be ready to take home we sipped on some complimentary hot cocoa and cider. They even had a little fire going to roast marshmallows.

Here is the link to where we got our tree if your interested TREELAND

Have a great week!! ~Amanda

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