Saturday, August 29, 2009


On some goodwill finds for my pantry project!
I was inspired by this pantry in the Lowe's Creative Idea mag.
I love the chalk board doors and signs, and all the baskets.
Our pantry is quite small and can get unorganized pretty quickly.
On top of that, we tend to leave the door open most of the time.
All the more reason to make it look pretty!
So, stay tuned for before and after pictures.
And the final reveal of my new and improved pantry!!
( I'm hoping by posting this it will motivate me to finish...we'll see)


Heather said...

uuuuu...can't wait 2 see!! Jealous of your goodwill finds! :)

randi chaney said...

Hey you can get paint board chalk and paint the inside of the cabinets it would be lots cheeper :) and then trim it with trim.