Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New project....

I have been loving these crayon and notepad organizers for so long!
After seeing one like this online that is made of felt,
I thought it would be perfect for my first one!
Not allot of cutting or measuring (my kind of project).

This will be great for the car, restaurants, waiting rooms, pretty much anywhere on the go!
My kids are always entertained by coloring or drawing something.
So, perfect for them...and me! ;)


Hannah said...


How adorable!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Crystal said...

How cute! Love the idea! I was at the Dr's office today and could have used one. LOL

Loving My Life said...

You are so crafty! Love the cute colors and you did a great job!

Heather said...

I could ya used that @ church last night. ugh! very cute