Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Been a while....

So, I thought I waited long enough and it was time to start blogging again : )
Not a whole lot going on...just staying busy and out of the house.
Last week we had VBS......I always have such a fun time there helping with all the fun things they have planned for the kids!
This week we are pretty much going to be stuck in our house b/c we are having workers coming in and out finishing our upstairs bonus room.
This weekend should be LOTS of fun though......Eddie and I may be going to see THIS http://www.robertplantalisonkrauss.com/site.php
Are you kidding me!! I could not think of a better duo.
And Sunday we are having our employee picnic at the Joe C. Davis park. It is right on the lake and we always have the best time....although, last year Dawson fell off of the banana boat in the lake and... that was not so fun.
So, there you have it....a little update on us.
I will leave you with a couple of layouts I did this weekend.
Ok....I have to talk about this one real quick. You can't really see but, Avery has a sock on her hand (it's her princess glove) my bathing suit top, sunglasses, and pj bottoms...Oh and of course her princess wand. I love pages like this and just knowing that she is going to look back on this one day and having a big smile on her face seeing how she was as a little girl.

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Loving My Life said...

Love the layouts! Glad you are getting to go just wish you could come down soon. I love you have fun and I can't wait to see the upstairs!