Friday, October 19, 2012

Beach trip....

We got back last Sunday from our beach vacation in Destin.  
We had the best weather.
I love going in October. 
The crowds are gone, it's not too hot, and the water is still warm enough from the Summer.
We love it!

The water was very calm the whole week except on the last day. 
The waves rolled in and the running and splashing began. 

 This was probably the highlight of D's trip.
Getting to crack open some crab claws.

 Thanks to some friends we met on our trip, we found a new favorite place to go.
The jetties in Destin. 
We were able to snorkel and feed the fish out of our hands. 

Later in the week we got to meet up with our Family that was staying at a beach next to us and get some pictures. 
The kids had a blast playing with their cousins.

Are they not the cutest things ever?!?

Well, that was our trip.

I will be back with some new updates around the house soon!

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Tammi said...

OH my what GREAT pictures (as usual)!!! So glad the weather was great for you!