Friday, December 09, 2011

Cookie time.......

I will be making these with Avery and 20 other kids today in her class. 

Should be fun : )


I wanted to try and find something cute and easy for the kids and something other than the typical iced sugar cookie.

So when I came across these cute little reindeer I new they would be perfect! ( plus who doesn't love nutter butters??)  

Thanks to my PINTEREST I new exactly where to go when I found them. Oh I love thee
I'm sure by now everyone has pinterest, but if you don't you need to get it! It's super fun and easy. I use it all the time.
So wish me luck.
I'm off to make cookies.


Heather said...

Hope it went well! I delivered 20 reindeer treat bags this morning! fun times.

Crystal said...

Good Stuff, We will have to make these cookies.

Tammi said...

Super adorable!! I'll be her classmates loved them!!