Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Break update....Warning: picture overload

I hope you all enjoyed a good laugh of my poor Pilot. The kids have been praying every night that he grows his hair back fast. lol! : )

Anyhow, we  went to Orange beach , AL for Fall break. It was fun! We all look forward to our beach trips.
Orange beach was the very first place we went as a family. Dawson was only 9 months now he is about to be 10!!
This is how I enjoyed my morning coffee....with this view from our balcony. It has been a while since we were right on the ocean with this kind of view. It was nice!

The kids were up and ready to go every morning.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of A playing in the sand....

and with this guy I got some really good profile pics - anything other than that....forget about it.

Avery really took off on her swimming this year.
Love this look on her face : )hee!

We stepped away from the beach one day and checked out the shrimp festival....which was a smorgasbord of food and vendors of every kind.
We got some food and then took off back to the least we can say we have been to the gulf shores shrimp festival now ; )

We can't go to the beach and not play put-put.
Avery got a hole in one here....
and Dawson needed help from his Dad. (haha! he would kill me)

On the last day of our trip I tried to get some family pictures.
Lets just pretend I meant for us to be out of focus..........

However, I did manage to get a few favorites.....

ok that's all for now. Today is flea market day : )


Jessica Drew ♥ said...

I love picture OVERLOAD.

You're really good at this. You have a beautiful family!

amanda persinger said...

Thanks so much Jessica!!