Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today I share with new chalkboard!!

I don't know about you, but I love chalkboards! Seriously, I could have one in every room and wall!!  hee!

For this , I used a frame from an oil painting that we were no longer using.  However, I love the big chunky frame and hated for it to go to waste. So what to do???  Rip out the oil painting and make a chalkboard.....perfect-o!!!  The materials that I used are: ply-wood and CHALKBOARD PAINT
I used black but they have  many other colors.

I love that I can personalize it for different Holidays and special occasions.

So there you go..... oil painting turned chalkboard...much better ; )



Heather said...

LOVE it!! Looks gorgeous!!

Tammi said...

It looks great in your dining room. It fits right in with all your other things and completes the room now!

Crystal said...

Love it, I'm loving chalk boards too. You guys come for a visit and help me find the perfect place for one:)

amina said...

I was looking up how to do a make a chalkboard with a chunky frame and came across your blog.

I love your ideas and sent the butterfly cupcakes to a bunch of girlfriends. I did not realize that you were in TN as well. We are in Franklin, TN. Love your food and craft ideas.

Thanks for sharing.