Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{Sights from Disney...}

The most magical  (and crowded)  place on earth....

I love Disney but, I'm not going to lie....
it is Exhausting!

When we went 3 years ago in September it was perfect!

However, this time in October....

let's just say, we won't be going back again for a while.

I honestly don't know how people spend a whole week here.

Don't get me wrong I'm not "dogging" Disney.

Like I said...I love it.

It's just frustrating to think how much people spend

only to wait hours in line.

Then run out of time or energy to do the rest.

Alright, enough of that.  I'm sure you get the point of how it was when we were there.

Regardless of how we felt... the most important part was that the kids had fun.

Which they did!

I will be posting just how much soon! ; )


Heather said...

That's why we are going (when we go) during Christmas break! I heard that was the best time for not much waiting.
I want to hear the stories! :)

Ron Cooper said...

Love your Disney pix!

Following you now from Tuesday Tag-Along.. Please follow me back!


Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

Newest follower-thank you so much for hopping over and following me as well:)

Jamie said...

I hear you... We went once in September and it was perfect another time in January and we loved it and then this past May we went again... We reached a point on the trip where we just wanted to go home and vowed not to return anytime soon. A few months have passed and shamefully we are starting to get the Disney itch again...It's like an addiction:) I look forward to following along and hope you may want to do the same!
beneath the acacia tree

Shannon said...

Great pictures of Disney! Glad y'all had fun and don't worry, I'm pretty sure no matter when you go, it'll be crowded. At least you didn't go in the summer when it's just plain miserable! Stopping by from Tag along Tuesday. Your family and blog are great! Looking forward to reading more!

Missy Schranz said...

Hi! I am your new follower! I LOVE your blog, good job!! Come and visit me at http://missyschranz.blogspot.com


Val said...

I love this post! I have never been to Disney World. Only Disney Land. Funny, story last year! I think I had a total break down in the middle of the crowded lanes. Seriously after a 10 hour day ....I just started sobbing. Your pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! We love Disney World and have gone numerous times. It seems like it is always busy since they started offering the free dining offer with the magic your way package. I think that is why the increase in traffic. After a visit to Disney World, you would never think that the economy was as bad as it is. Lots of people!

We used to go there the first week of December as this was considered less crowded but we have noticed that each year it got more and more crowded. This year, we decided to try some new adventures but the Disney addict in me would still love to go back...and your photos inspire me to do so! I'm jealous!