Friday, December 11, 2009


What a fun thing to do with the kids...counting down the days 'till we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I found one like this on was a perfect way for me to use up my stash of Christmas scrapbook paper.

You could make it much cuter but I was in a hurry

(given I waited the day before Dec. to start it)

so I just slapped some old stickers on it and hung it up with jute ribbon I had.

And there ya go....
I have been putting little treats and notes in them each day.
One of the notes was that they get to make a gingerbread house...which they had to find according to the note.
(the scavenger hunt idea was from my friend Heather)
It was a BIG hit!


Heather said...

That is a cute Advent Calander! Love it.

Crystal said...

Oh I love the idea!

Katie said...

Have you fallen off the face of the earth?