Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin patch, movie night, and outdoor decor....

Just some reasons why I have been MIA.
Dawson and Avery have been out for fall break the past 2 weeks.
The first week we had a wonderful time at the beach and this past week we tried to get out as much as we could.
Unfortunately, the weather here has been FREEZING cold and rainy everyday!
Here we are at Jackson's orchard in BG with some friends.
Like I said, it was cold and rainy but, we still had fun.
Friday night we had our family movie night.
We watched Monsters vs. Aliens.
Our treat was "my version" of Bob the blob in the movie.
Such a cute movie!

Last, I finally decorated my front porch for fall.
I have been dying to make a pumpkin topiary and finally did.
I love how it turned out!
For the pillow, I used fabric I had and stamped fall and the pumpkin on it.
Well, that is all for now.
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Heather said...

Gorg! LOve that WrEAth on your door! And do tell, how did you do the pumpkin topiary. Next post: pumpkin topiary tutorial by Amanda....yeah?

brandy said...

your front "porch" look GORGEOUS! I say, YEs, to the topiary tutorial!

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