Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Better late than never.....

We had a wonderful Christmas!
Spending time with family, eating yummy food, continuing traditions, and remembering what Christmas- is- all-about.

Here are all the grand kids: Nicki, Dawson, Claudia, and Avery. Every year on Christmas Eve we go to Eddie's parents. We arrive in the evening and end up staying very late. So, this year the kids showed up in their PJ's! This will probably be a new tradition we will start. ( I don't why we didn't think of this sooner)

Here is Christmas morning at our house....notice Avery putting on her new lip gloss...
They were very excited to see what Santa had brought them. Dawson got a DS and Avery got a Vanity to go in her room.
Christmas is always such a special time of the year and this one was no exception!
Hope everyone has a beautiful week!


The Lerchen's said...

PJ's-Great Idea! I love traditions. Cute kids. Avery is so funny. Such a girly girl.

Loving My Life said...

Love the tradition. The girls are so pretty and Dawson very good looking boy!

sticker said...

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