Saturday, June 07, 2008

The baby shower......

So, I held my first baby shower for a friend(( who is having twins)) today and it went GREAT!!!!

Here are some pictures I wanted to share........

Here is Synetha smelling the diaper...we played "guess the candy bar" game

It's were you get 5-10 different candy bars, melt it and put in a diaper. Then you have to guess what candy bar it is.

Another thing we did was decorate onsies for her with markers.

It was so much fun and supper cute!!

and this is (from right to left) Samantha, Ashley, Synetha, me, and Misty. We were the host for Synetha's shower.
I will post some pictures of decorations soon!!


Elizabeth said...

hey! found you through 2peas! LOVE your banner, and your diaper cake is just gorgeous! and I thought you had said you were just starting out with taking pics... the ones I have seen so far are beautiful! you have a great talent ! love your blog too =)

Loving My Life said...

You did a great job!! I too love the banner!! Glad you all had fun!

Perry, Misty & Madison said...

Hey girl! I got some pics up from the shower. Talk to you soon.