Monday, April 28, 2008


Avery needs to STOP growing!!! How did she get so big so fast !?! I didn't realize how big she looks until seeing these pictures. She is a little teenager....ALL THE WAY!!

FYI... I survived the "13.1" yet again....AND...even beat my time last year from 2:06 to 1:59!

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Perry, Misty & Madison said...

These are great pics!! I am not looking forward to seeing Madison growing that fast. I am proud of you girl for running the 1/2. 1:59 is great time.

Loving My Life said...

She does look big!! Love the pictures. I am so proud of you Amanda I knew you could do it!

Amber Ulmer said...

oh she is so stinkin cute! i need to photograph her... soon.xoxo

Loving My Life said...

Ok time for an update...really!