Monday, February 11, 2008

Young love....

I think Avery found her Valentine :)
They are SO cute! Hayden was just lovin' on her... and surprisingly, Avery seemed to be enjoying it! Infact, she was right there with him...putting her little hand on his lap!....she is too young! :) ha!ha!

I can't believe that Avery is almost one year older than Hayden....BTW....this is my friends little boy. We went to her baby shower yesterday in BG for her 2nd boy. Hayden just turned 2 and Avery is 3. As you can see they are the same size! :) Avery is not too fond of kids the same size as her so, I was suprised to see how well they got along. Although, it did not last very long BUT long enough for me to get these SUPER cute pictures.
I see a Valentines lo with these pics in the near future ;)

and her is a picture of her cake...yummy!

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Loving My Life said...

Awe Avery better slow down!! You know how Morgan and Dawson are together I think boy and girls get along better when they are not brother/sister!! Love the cake!

CandiDurbin said...

Amanda it's candi!!! I'm so glad I found you on here:) Now we can keep in touch..