Sunday, May 06, 2007

How Sweet is this?!?!

This is what's in one of our fern's hanging on our front porch....A BABY BIRDIE!! It's sooooo cute and the kids love it! Dawson thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Can't wait to see the other two neat seeing something like this.

Here is a fun page that I did of me and my Sister....luv ya sis! Ok I am going to bed now b/c it's like 1 am AND I had to work tonite. So, going to have to cut it short....nighty nite

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*~*Amber*~* said...

O girl... u totally rawked this layout!!! The colors are FABU and the hearts are awesome!!!! love it!!! thanks for the sweet comments chicky!!!! love ya girl!!! like a sis!! See u tonight!!
And that lil birdy is just presh!! xoxo

Sherri said...

Great Layout Amanda! And the bird...what kind is it. We have some birds living under our covered patio and they have taken over, so it is hard to see them as cute anymore!! But that baby one is pretty cute and how fun for the kids to get to see them!
Oh and I remembered the name of the other floor plan on my way home, it is the Biscayne and I went and looked on and it is the similar plan of the Finley, there is like 8 sq ft difference in the sizes and I can't remember now, but there was some suttle difference in them. Your plan rocks!

Leah said...

Love all those hearts on the layout.. so cute!

amber mcdonald said...

so sweet! and I love that layout. It was great seeing you/meeting you again last night at Jenni's. Maybe I"ll see you Friday? Amber

annie said...

Such a fun layout!
You and your sister are beautiful!
So glad you are scrapping more:)
We have big black birds that keep trying to build a nest in our grill.
I mean it is FULL of twigs, leaves
and grass if we close the lid.
Don't know why they don't choose a tree!

~Telah said...

Very cute layout!