Tuesday, February 06, 2007

??Brown or Blonde??

So, I am thinking about changing my hair color....I do this every year but, I really think I need to try to get it back to my natural color which is like a dark blonde....I want to go darker but still have some highlights. I need a new change...I have changed my hair color and style several different time's but always go back to the same style. I reeeely need to move on and get a new doo!
Not that any of you care but, I just thought I would share. OMG! I can't believe I am posting 2 days in a row! wooohoo! I'm on a row!! Now if I can just get anyone to read it (other than my family...who never post me any comments ...I know some of you are saying I have know room to talk ...or Amber my only loyal blog reader and poster...luv ya!) Even though, it is good stress relive to just sit down and write about anything and everything almost as good as a massage....ahhh...ok, that's pushing it . Well, off to scrapbook. I bought some needed felt and floss today for a lo I am doing. Hopefully I will post it tomorrow.

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*~*Amber*~* said...

Girlface... U know Josh reads ur blog... haha I really think u should go w/some lowlights.... so you can still keep some of the blonde, but get a more dimensional look. I love ur hair! Love it a lil darker. Girl... 2 days in a row... Uber proud of you! Call u when I get off today at 12! Fun update on some things... tell u later! xoxo

Josh said...

I think maybe just a bit darker, but not as dark as you did last time.
Have a Happy V-Day!


amberley said...

From the pics, I like it blonde!

Sherri said...

Hey Amanda....I just found your blog!!
I like the darker color on you in the picture even though I've only seen you blonde....