Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I did it!!

My first race in like 8 years!! I have not been in a race since high-
school. I can't believe I waited that long ..... it was so much fun and
felt so good....I even got 2nd place in my age group! I don't care
that maybe there was only one other person in that group....
I still won an award!!:) I am so hooked now....I am looking for
where I can run my next race.
I have been running with 2 other girlfriends and every since then
we have been all about running. The plan is to eventually run in
a marathon one day.....I am not promising anybody anything yet.
Here is a picture of me and my running buddies at the race...
So, I wanted to share with you another one of my favorite hobbies....scrapbooking!! Here are some recent lo's that I did....

The 1st one "carefree dude" is a lift from "dinastamps" love
her stuff!!

1 comment:

Amber~BFF said...

BFF! So proud of you! U rock! And... your LO are kickin!!! So sweet! I will be lifting the "carefree dude" page!! haha I love u!! Call me.. we need to scrap together soon!!